Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Canon & Nikon Rumours

Just about one more month to go to PMA09 and rumours from both brand have surely heated up as lots of forum posters claimed to have been told by some Canon/Nikon rep about upcoming model. (can I get a Canon rep too??? :p)

At photographybay.com, they posted a screenshot of what supposed to be an inventory system displaying the Canon EOS 1D Mark IIIn. Then they posted a post taken from POTN about a possible new Rebel (xxxD... 500D maybe?) and a new Mark III. While another post taken from Canon Rumors claim that there will be a replacement of Canon EOS 50D and will be called Canon EOS 7D, but I find this one to be quite unlikely, didn't the Canon EOS 50D just released just a few months back? I still find the Canon EOS 50D to be relative new to be replaced, so a new Rebel would be more logical. Anyway, over to FM Forum, a poster claimed that his local camera rep had also been informed of the "imminent" release of a new 1D camera... So a new Rebel & 1D anyone?

Over to Nikon rumors, only one post posted by photographybay.com, and that would be a new Nikon D700x or Nikon D800 as what was claimed by RYC, and they also claimed that this camera will compete directly with the Canon EOS 5D MarkII... yeah the Nikon D700 is almost a year older than the Canon EOS 5D MarkII, I guess the people at Nikon had to do something after seeing the Nikon D700 got "pwned" by the Canon EOS 5D MarkII (PS: no no no, I'm not doing a Canon vs Nikon thingy here, it's more like an envious neighbor who buy a new car just because his/her neighbor just bought a new car)

There we have it folks, rumors that would surely heat up as PMA09 draw even closer. With all the competitions not only by Canon and Nikon, but also the rest of the brands, we can only see this as a good thing as they will try to keep on improving their products. So lets face it, instead of trying to who will win between Canon vs Nikon, wouldn't it be better if we can say that the consumer will be the real winner? If one company fail, we can just go to another company (and someone can get your secondhand items for cheap! :p).

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