Saturday, 7 February 2009

Japanese Police Use Wii Rather than Sketch Artist

Police in Japan have resorted to the Nintendo Wiito generate the likeness of a person they are looking for. Rather than using a sketch artist or some sort of tech ware to generate a realistic image of the man, they simply created a Mii.

The upside is that they can play some Wii Bowling with the wanted man prior to apprehending him. Wanted posters were placed in neighborhoods around the scene of a collision with a picture of the car (not made on the Wii) and the Mii of the suspect.

Naturally, the poster has made its rounds on gaming sites, typically to the tune of mockery and mirth. I am sure the Mii is a dead ringer for the guy; someone needs a bigger budget in Japan. I suggest they hit eBay, sell the station Wii, and get a real sketch of the wanted man.

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