Thursday, 30 October 2008

Canon EOS 50D review by DPReview

DPReview has posted their review on the Canon EOS 50D. Quotes from the review, "Like its predecessors the 50D sports a well built magnesium body that now features improved environmental sealing. Canon has also had more than eight years to optimize the camera's handling and it's done a good job. The ergonomics feel well sorted, all the controls are in the right place and even the formerly rather pointless Direct Print button now serves a purpose: Press it and you'll enter live view mode. Another useful addition is the Quick Control screen. Press the SET button to enter this newly designed menu which gives you access to the most frequently used settings. Even users who are new to the EOS system will find their way around the 50D in no time. The Quick Control screen and the revamped menus also look great on the new bright and clean 3.0 inch VGA screen."

You can read the full review HERE.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Macro Shot

Zul lent me his Extension Tube the other day... so I took this opportunity to try and took some macro photo...

Overall, the extension tube is something nice to have, and it only cost around 100+, of course, there is a con too, like slow AF, but you can always focus manually... For someone like me, taking macro picture is a rare, so the extension tube is a better option for me rather than buying a macro lens... unless I can find someone who would sell a second hand macro lens at a cheap price... :)

Lady in blue

Open House KR on 25th October 2008

The Empire Waitress

Lunch at Excapade on 25th October 2008

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