Monday, 27 February 2012

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lace & Petticoats: Lolita in Brisbane

and here is an added video of a brief introduction to lolita by Fille De Porcelaine...

A Cosplay Documentary - Don't Knock it Till You Try It

A Cosplay Documentary - Cosplay in Sdyney

The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra Exclusive Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4 Finale Trailer

Yuuko Ichihara Casual Photo Shoot

More photos can be viewed at Nutty Project album HERE.

Katsucon 2012 Fanvideo Part 3-3 by acksonl

Wrath of the Titans 2nd Trailer

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Brave Poster & 2nd Trailer

Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope Poster & Trailer

Have you ever imagined a place where Vulcans and vampires get along? Where wizards and wookies can be themselves? Welcome to Comic-Con San Diego. What started as a fringe comic book convention for 500 fans has grown into the pop culture event of the year that influences every form of entertainment, now attended by over 140,000 strong. "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" - a film by Morgan Spurlock explores this amazing cultural phenomenon by following the lives of five attendees as they descend upon the ultimate geek mecca at San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

Katsucon 2012 Fanvideo Part 2-3 by acksonl

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bowling Night Again!

Second bowling in a week! LoL! Well, had this planned coz we wanted to play with Cherry... and someone seems to be addicted to it... hahaha... So yeah, we played again on the 16th, that's 4 days after our first time playing bowling!

Anyway... first up, dinner! coz somebody hadn't eaten for the whole day... but I took just one shot only... eheh... too lazy to take lots of photos there...

but for tonight, we played one round only... and will you look at that! i'm in the 100 club again! hahahha... for someone who don't play bowling, that surely mean something right? teehee...
and yeah... i didn't take lots of photos again... probably coz everyone was busy enjoying their game that they don't even bother to take photo... :)
after the bowling, we went derping around Airport Mall while waiting for Combat & Angelus...

foreveralone.jpg? huhuhu

once Combat & Angelus are out, we checked again at the bowling centre... too bad the queue was kinda long, so we decided to go back to the Burrow instead... but before that...

me, Nio & Rexen made a quick stop at Each-a-Cup for a drink...

and finally... we're back at the Burrow...

well... nothing much happened there... til Najib brought a boardgame (?) called Taboo...
so yeah... the game managed to make us stay a bit more longer at the Burrow... eheh... and at the mean time... Dee from UK was also on Skype...

So yeah... that's wrap up our bowling night again... sorry if it sound kinda lame... eheh... coz i seriously don't know how to write... and furthermore, nothing much did happen... except for what i just explain here... oh well... til next time then... cheers... ^^v

Prometheus International Trailer

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

REC3: Genesis Trailer

Doomsday Book Trailer

First Chapter ("Heaven's Creation") - Director Kim Ji-woon: A story about a robot who gains consciousness and the abusrdity that follows.

Second Chapter ("The New Generation") - Director Lim Pil-seong: A clever action film told from the point of view of a boy who has become a zombie, this segment explores how humans lose control of planet Earth, becoming mere food for a different species.

Third Chapter ("The Christmas Gift") - Director Han Jae-rim: A musical movie that re-interprets the beautiful love story "The Christmas Gift" by O Henry, this project confronts the basic instincts of a woman and her last chance to survive after witnessing the end of the world.

Due out in Korea next month. No word on international release yet.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bowling Night!

Initially, we didn't have any plan to bowl what so ever... I was only bringing Nio to the Burrow coz she need some fixing on her outfit... but as soon as we reached Burrow, we don't know what else to do after that... so yeah... boredom struck us... Nio even suggested to go the beach, but it was sooo hot at that time that I kept questioning her back whether she is serious or not... huhuhu...

but just as we were about to give-up and just go straight home, suddenly Nio suggested bowling... so I messaged SJ about the plan... initially SJ was supposed to be with us, but she went to CHMS to watch lion dance first... so she said to go bowling at 7.30 instead because she need to go out for dinner first...

and just right after SJ replied, Billy suddenly messaged me and invited me to watch movie... and I was like, WTF? all afternoon me & Nio were bored got nothing to do, now after we have come up with a plan, then someone messaged me... huhuhu

thinking that there is still some time before we go bowling (it was 4pm+ at that time and bowling is at 7.30pm), so i thought maybe we could catch a movie first before go bowling... unfortunately, upon arriving at the cineplex, it turn out that there were no interesting movie playing at that time... fail much... hahahha... so in the end, Billy end up following us for bowling...

owh... and for your info, i don't know how to play bowling... and the last time i tried bowling was years ago... can't remember when... huhuhu... so yeah... i'm pretty much sux in bowling... xp

woohoo!!! first time in my life i scored more than 100! hahaha... lame much... xp

yeah there were many shots from behind... so there are lots of butt shots taken that night... xp
shampoo model... xp

my epic reaction after getting the gutter for the umpteenth times... xp

epic background... 8D
the "glow in the dark" session

look at the score... 1st round me champion, 2nd round me bottom... phailed much... xp

so after bowling, we went to Tutti Frutti for dessert and also to make Billy go broke... huhuhu... cost him $40+ for 5 people... and Nio & SJ actually shared their yogurt... had they eat individually, the price will surely reach $50... hahaha... so yeah, he end up being kinda broke that night... 8D

what is valentine? huhuhu... foreveralone.jpg xp
And the wrap up the night... for Nio, that was her first time playing bowling... and she find it addictive... huhuhu... after the game, she straight away plan on when to play again... and she also want to bring her family to play too... huhuhu... so yeah, someone got addicted... huhuhu... as for me... i still sux at bowling... but its ok, at least i'm already in the 100 club... huhuhu... cheers... ^^v
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