Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Colourful Fountain

I Am Number Four Poster

The film is about an extraordinary teen, John Smith (Pettyfer), who is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri (Olyphant), John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events—his first love (Agron), powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.

Join 'Double R, Double P' Week: BDAC

Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAC), the local Non-Government Organisation is organising an awareness event but it's not your regular public event or ceremony, a press released stated.

For one week, from November 28 to December 5, 2010, part of its effort for the annual World AIDS Day celebrated every December 1 worldwide, BDAC will be holding a "Double R, Double P" Week - simply stands for Red Ribbon Profile Picture Week as it is happening now in popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Anyone could join by simply displaying the 'Red Ribbon' as their profile picture throughout the week and update their status with awareness raising messages like "In Brunei Darussalam, most HIV infection are between 20-29 years old".

"We see many people, especially youngsters are connected via social networks like Facebook, hence why not we utilise this to a good cause with raising awareness on the issue while at the same time to inform and educate our friends. Public are invited to join this outreach event," said Iswandy Ahmad, the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for Positive Living, BDAC.

This year's World AIDS Day theme is "Universal Access & Human Rights". As of last year, Brunei Darussalam had recorded 56 cumulative local cases.

The Last Godfather Trailer

Fail Painting

Monday, 29 November 2010

Laneige Broadway Musical Charity Competition Report

Laneige hosted its first-ever fundraising contest for SMARTER Brunei with full support from the Ministry of Education yesterday with the Broadway Musical Charity Competition that also aimed to raise public awareness.

Held at the Orchid Garden Hotel, it involved over 230 Secondary students taking part along with 50 teachers to support and coach them.

The guest of honour, Director of Co-Curriculum Hj Kassim Mohd Yassin, in his speech emphasised the importance of being an all-round student that is not just academically successful but also one who participates in various other aspects of learning, such as sports and performing arts.

"Extracurricular activities provide good opportunities for every student to improve himself or herself in many different ways. These are offered by school establishments."

He added that such ECAs, which the department supports, are aimed at boosting students' self-development, interests and enthusiasm.

"Music is certainly enjoyable but, more significantly, working with music has shown students that it can help communicate with emotions, as a lot of people find music to be powerful."

He further pointed out that participating in a drama show gives them poise, self-confidence and the ability to speak in front of others, as well as learning the importance of being patient or cooperative, regardless of how big or small their role is in a team, making them better individuals.

Meanwhile, Laneige's Marketing Manager Pat Li in her welcoming remarks among others extended their heartfelt appreciation to the ministry for the generous and unlimited support.

She disclosed that with all the students' participation and the audience members' generosity, over $7,000 was raised from the ticket sales for Smarter kids, while an additional $3,000 was contributed by Laneige.

The success of yesterday's event showcased the great support given by concerned community members. Presenting the mock cheques to Smarter President Malai Hj Abdullah Malai Hj Othman was Laneige's General Manager Mr Lim Hong Seng.

The students performed musical plays from the Broadway scene and the judges' criteria were based on teamwork, mannerisms, stage preparations, the English language, an understanding of the musical itself, facial expressions, creativity, innovation, costumes and overall performances.

Participating schools comprised Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School with 'High School Musical - Stick to the Status Quo', RIPAS Secondary School with 'Enchanted - That's How You Know', Awang Semaun Secondary School with 'The Sound of Music - Do Re Mi' and Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab Secondary School with 'The Sound of Music - So Long, Farewell'.

Also taking part were Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School with 'Oliver! - I'd Do Anything', Sports School with 'Grease - You're The One That I Want', Sultan Hassan Secondary Secondary School with 'Hairspray - Good Morning Baltimore', Sayyidina Othman School with 'The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King', SOAS College with 'The Lion King - Hakuna Matata', Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School with 'Mamma Mia! - Mamma Mia!' and STPRI with 'Mamma Mia! - Honey, Honey'.

Amongst others, the objectives of this contest were to increase the students' knowledge of art and culture through musical and plays, to expose talents, as well as to encourage teamwork and creativity.

The judging panel comprised Mr Mark Eckersley from the Brunei Amateur Dramatic Society (BADS), Mr Albert Polita from JIS, famous Bruneian artiste Zul F, Serudin Damit from RTB and Mdm Reena Lim Bee Yew from the MoE.

It was overall a meaningful programme deemed successful, as an encouraging amount of funds was raised. The Grand Prize and Best Costume winner was the Sultan Hassan Secondary School team, followed by STPRI and Sports School as the first and second runner-up winners.

More photos can be viewed at my Facebook album HERE, HERE & HERE.

SMARTER Centre's Open Day

The Smarter Charity Bazaar was a success yesterday morning, as swarms of visitors came to support the fundraising activity. Present to officiate the event was Hj Musa Hj Tahir, the Penghulu of Mukim Sengkurong.

Over 30 booths were set up around the Sengkurong Clinic and SMARTER Centre. A number of them featured individuals selling products ranging from food to clothes. Mainly responsible for the bazaar were local bloggers who also attended to show their support and sell printed T-shirts.

Children had the opportunity to enjoy some face-painting and mini-games, while the adults enjoyed taking part in a number of activities and competitions. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Smarter Fund.

In an interview with Smarter President Malai Hj Abdullah, he expressed his gratitude for the crowd's amazing t response.

"It's not so much the fundraising that I'm concerned about... I am hoping that from this programme members of the public are able to see and be aware of the centre's mission and vision or what we are doing, that is to help out autistic children in the country," he said.

He commented on the centre's recent financial troubles in sustaining monthly expenses that had been brought to light to the public and on the possibility of it closing down.

"It is safe to say that we have raised enough money to sustain this centre for the next six months. But in the long run, we have yet to find a solution to maintain this building, and to meet the growing number of individuals with autism. Thus, from this event, I hope it will speak to the public that by donating, they are investing in a good cause and will hopefully continue in supporting us to minimise our efforts to keep this centre running," he added.

Sand Thieves At Meragang Beach

Taken from tigerlim.com

a contractor stealing/using beach sand for some road construction? i think the gov should check on this... i don't think beach sand are good for construction use... since he said that its for a "roadside construction", so i'm assuming it's a government project... so government pay them to do their work, but here we clearly see not only they use free and unsuitable material for their project, but also stealing gov property! i wonder if the contractor get the tender thru *ahem* "duit kadai kopi"... hmmm...

Leslie Nielsen Passes Away at Age 84

Actor Leslie Nielsen passed away yesterday at a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida hospital, according to his agent John S. Kelly. He died of complications from pneumonia at the age of 84.

Born on February 11, 1926, Nielsen is most known for his roles in comedies such as Airplane! and "The Naked Gun" films.

His agent sent out the following statement:

We are saddened by the passing of beloved actor Leslie Nielsen, probably best remembered as Lt. Frank Drebin in THE NAKED GUN series of pictures, but who enjoyed a more than 60 year career in motion pictures and television."

Mr. Nielsen, 84, died of complications of pneumonia in a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, surrounded by his lovely wife and dear friends at 5:34pm EST today (28/11/2010).

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in his name to the charity of your choice.

Nielsen appeared in over 100 films, including Forbidden Planet and The Poseidon Adventure, as well as over 1,500 TV programs during his career. Here are some of the funniest moments from the "Naked Gun" movies...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Laneige Broadway Musical Charity Competition

Opening speech by Patricia Lee

Speech by Guest of Honour

Fund raised from the Laneige Broadway Musical Charity Competition and by Laneige, with the sum total of B$11,000+ all donated to SMARTER.

The crowds that came to watch the Laneige Broadway Musical Charity Competition... i can say it's almost full house!

Opening performance was by SM Sultan Sharif Ali that performed a skit from High School Musical - Stick to the Status Quo

2nd Performance by SM RIPAS
Enchanted - That's How You Know

I really loved their performance and was actually hoped they can get at least in the top three... but unfortunately, they didn't get the top three spot... my guess was because of their nervous performance during the first-half of their performance... oh well... better luck again next time guys... i still think you guys were awesome!

3rd Performance by SM Awang Semaun
The Sound of Music - Do Re Mi

4th Performance by SM Sayyidina Umar Al-Khattab
The Sound of Music - So Long, Farewell

5th Performance by SM Sufri 'B'
Oliver! - I'd Do Anything

6th Performance by Sekolah Sukan
Grease - You're The One That I Want

7th Performance by SM Sultan Hassan Bangar
Hairspray - Good Morning Baltimore

8th Performance by SM Sayyidina Othman
The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King

another performance that i was kinda surprised didn't manage to win anything from their performance... with all the props and costume, I was hoping they could land at least one award... but too bad... oh well... you did well guy... better luck again next time... :)

9th Performance by SOAS College
The Lion King - Hakuna Matata

10th Performance by SM Sayyidina Hasan
Mamma Mia! - Mamma Mia!

and lastly, performance by STPRI
Mamma Mia! - Honey, Honey

The panel of judges

Performance by the SMARTER kids while waiting for the prize presentation...

a lap of honours by all participating schools before the prize presentation...

3rd place won by Sekolah Sukan

2nd place won by STPRI

and the winner and also the crowds favourite goes to SM Sultan Hassan Bangar

Overall, its was a splendid performance by all the schools... congrats to the winning schools... and also congrats to Laneige for hosting a wonderful Broadway Musical Charity Competition... would definitely love it if this can be an annual competition...

More photos of the event are at my Facebook album HERE, HERE and HERE.
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