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Lolita Tea Party 2012

Lolita fashion is not just about maid dresses and kitty ears and it certainly isn't cosplay. It may be easy to assume the connection at first glance due to the influence of animes (Japanese Animation).

However, as the name itself suggests, it is a street fashion and a subculture, which originated in Japan, and is well known for its intricate and delicate doll-like look, inspired mostly by the Rococo and Victorian eras. Moreover, some may even argue that it goes beyond fashion; it is more of an attitude.

In an effort to introduce the Lolita fashion to Brunei, two enthusiasts, Nio and Suok Jiuan, co-organised a Lolita Tea Party yesterday at Au Lait Café at the Seri Kiulap Mall, where all guests were required to don their fancy lolita attire to be eligible for the party.

Prior to the opening of the event, there was a mini photoshoot for individual Lolitas to showcase their outfits. During the opening speech, the organisers first talked about the Lolita fashion, and following that, one by one the guests were invited to give an introduction on their outfits and explain about the inspiration behind their choice of attire.

There are many types of Lolita styles, and according to Nio, Gothic Lolita is one of the most popular styles among them, which is often referred to as the 'Lolitas of All Styles'. The style takes on a darker theme with a touch of cutesiness and elegance.

Another popular style is the Classic Lolita, a calmer and more neutral alternative, which adopts a more mature and muted style.

Furthermore, there are also others like Hime (princess) Lolita, Casual Lolita, Punk Lolita, and Ama (sweet) Lolita.

"All of these styles have their own attitude and coordination to pull off," she said. Suok Jiuan, on the other hand, stressed that an important element in Lolita fashion is all about mix and match. The hosts also took the opportunity to express their gratitude towards 'Angel and Demon Lolita Closet' for sponsoring the event prizes.

The event ended with a prize presentation and a group photo session.

Article taken from Borneo Bulletin, written by Guan Ang

the two cute event organiser, Suok Jiuan (pink) and Nio (holding camera)

owh... SJ just got her driving license today... congrats girl! eheh... but if there is any roadblock, i'm pretty sure the policemen won't believe she already got a license... just look at her, she look soooo kiddy much... ok ok ok... and cute too... teehee... xp

early group photo for the press... thanks to Borneo Bulletin and Media Permata for coming over... :)

after the opening speech by the two hosts, each of the attendees were required to introduce themselves and also to explain about their outfit coordinate...

after all of them had introduced themselves... time to have some teas and snacks...

after the refreshment, they got some games to play... and the attendees were divided into 3 groups...

one of the game is trying to guess the drawing... here both SJ and Cherry were laughing coz they got no idea what was being drawn there... xp

another game require the group to guess the word written by other attendees... in order to guess, one of the team member have to act out to explain the written word...

they look sooo concentrated... xp

another round of refreshment after the games...

at the end of the day, one of the attendee's brother want to take a group photo with the rest of the lolitas... but once everyone gathered, he suddenly become too shy to look at the camera...

and finally, a group photo... though a few have left by this time... owh... and the one at the left side most is Ash, I usually go to her when I need some makeover for my model/talent photoshoot... :)

and free style! 8D

More photos can be viewed at Nutty Project page or at Leong's album (access will depend on her privacy setting though...)
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