Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sweet Lolita Photo Shoot

Powdery pastels, bouncing cupcake-shaped skirts and imaginative prints are the main trademarks of an Ama Lolita. Ama is the abbreviated form of amai which translates to sweet. Within all of the substyles of Lolita fashion, Ama Lolita is perhaps the most loved one. Its childlike and innocent properties makes it the favorite style of many. The most elaborate Ama Lolitas are usually referred to as Kotekote Lolitas, which translates to Over-the-Top Lolita. Kote Lolitas (abb. form) brings the sweet feeling into the style to the extreme. Beautiful wigs, accessorized from top-to-toe, Hime Gyaru-styled makeup and perfect in every aspect, Kote Lolitas are the core of the cotton candy style that is Ama Lolita. - Source: Hello Lace

Talent & Photo Editor: Nio Tan

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