Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gothic Lolita Photo Shoot

One of the most misconception of a gothic lolita is, people think that it is a must to have white face + black lip + thick eyeliner… but Lolita is actually a cute and elegant fashion, no matter what style you’re doing, and your hair and makeup should reflect that. Even if you’re doing Gothic Lolita, don’t overdo it with the Gothic makeup. Stay away from things like whiteface and black lipstick for the most part. Darker makeup can be worn but make sure it’s good quality. Don’t just throw on any old Halloween store black lipstick because it tends to be really bad quality and just looks bad. Not everyone can pull off Gothic makeup. It’s usually best to go more natural with maybe darker eye makeup. You don’t want to look like a clown (unless you’re actually doing a circus themed photoshoot.)

Talent: Nutty Project
Photo Editor: Nio Tan

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