Tuesday, 18 December 2012

EACon 2012

Expressive Arts was the highlight of the convention last weekend that attracted hundreds of the youth.

Held for two consecutive days since December 15 at the Kiulap Plaza Hotel, this year's event was again organised by Team Frag Factory (TFF) who made the introduction of the convention to the local community last year.

The two-day event, which runs from 10am to 6pm, sees the participation of a large number of local Cosplay and gaming enthusiasts. Booths have also been set up offering games and toys for enthusiasts, as well as photo opportunities with Cosplay characters. Additionally, up on display are Gundam Gunplay as well as mega blocks, anime arts and other figures.

One of the famed Cosplay groups, Military Simulation Cosplay (MSC), also participated in the EACON. Formed in 2009, the group comprises 10 members who are deeply passionate about dressing up as special military forces personnel.

Md Faiz Idrus, the founder of the group said, "I joined one of the Cosplay events a few years back and found that there were quite a number of Cosplayers who have similar interest of dressing in military attire, so we formed a group named Military Simulation Cosplay."

The costumes, he explained, ranged between B$500 and $1,000 in price. The group also practises costume-sharing.

Two of the attractions at the Cosplay event yesterday were Hazzu and Reese, who dressed up as their favourite characters Panty and Stocking.

"We love the anime series and we wanted to dress up as them," they said.

Asked what their friends think of their costumes, Reese said, "Some feel it's weird, while others are fine with it. It's not about grabbing attention, it's all about the character, which we love very much."

Article taken from The Brunei Times and Borneo Bulletin.


Fanboys Infinite and Geeks and Things are there too...

the people of Counter Attack who handle the fighting games

and below is the debut of me and Nio's little project... eheh... and with quite a lot of good response, we decided to make page called N.E Project... go ahead, go like that page!!! 8D

some of the submitted drawing...

group photo from the plamo section...

this guy had a very busy two days... huhuhu...

video by The Brunei Times


video by Counter Attack


ahhh... and finally, what I think of EACon 2012... having to come back from HobbyCon a week earlier, which is a free event, and then going to a con that require a $20 ticket, of course expectation will be quite high... but instead of comparing it with oversea con, i'll just compare it with last year EACon...

On the positive note, there were a lot of improvement, better location, bigger venue and more booths. And on the negative side, I still feel there is a lack of stage performance or lack of drawing power on the stage. I only managed to catch the panel for gaming and plamo, I don't know if they got other panel or workshop other than that. And kinda surprised that the yoyo community were missing this year.

And despite EA getting a bigger venue, it is kinda sad to see the plamo section only get quite a small space, I think they deserve a bigger space and better placement to showcase all their models...

On the drawing side, I'll just skip that coz I didn't cover that section... huhuhu... sorry bout that... huhuhu...

For the cosplayers, there were TONNES of improvement compared to last year and I can see more quality cosplay can be seen during the con, though still got a few people who do the mix and match style, but overall, most of them were awesome! But unfortunately, due to my mood for shooting keep on swinging (and sometimes just being plain lazy), I missed out quite a lot of them, sooo sorry for the cosplayers who I missed!!! >_<

owh... for the proper photos of the cosplayers that I did manage to take, it will be uploaded at N.E Project page, so just keep on checking on that page... :)

Then finally, the gaming section, which to me was the main highlight of EACon, and yes, they went out with a bang, especially the LoL tournament which offer the top prize of $1,000.00, so not surprised that most of the hype went to their section... and not to forget the fighting games by Counter Attack where in the final, the public can see some nail-biting matches...

So overall, it was much better than last year, even though still far from oversea con, but at least they got some improvement... and as for the $20 ticket, for gamers, it worth the price... as for the rest, I think it is kinda too expensive considering it is just a few dollar cheaper than STGCC or AFA... with all the improvement and increase of sponsors, I think it is high time for EA to start inviting a few celebrity or artist to do a panel/workshop or performance... though EA is mainly a hobby convention, but you can't deny that most of the hype (and also income) came from the cosplay & gaming community, so might as well try to find invited guest that are from that section...

And with that, I would like to say good work EA, hope to see more improvement for next year edition... cheers! ^^v

More photos of EACon can be viewed at the link listed below...

Me - Part 1 and Part 2
Muqsit Saber - Day 1 and Day 2
Yamada - Day 1 and Day 2
Zoel Lonewolf - Day 1 and Day 2

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

HobbyCon 2012

The 6th instalment of HobbyCon - The Youth, Hobby and Lifestyle Convention which will be held on Dec 8-9 at the CityMall here is expected to draw more than 3,000 visitors, said the HobbyCon 2012 President Julian Lee.

The event which combines the best of pop culture from East and West has become the platform for many young and talented youths to showcase their talents and passion in many fields, be it in the world of comics, collectibles, games and many more.

This year's event will offer more activities, hobby related booths, celebrities and professionals of many related fields, both from local and international.

It is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment, Ministry of Community Development and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Youths and Sports and City Hall.

Lee said he is looking forward to broadening the perspectives of table top game hobbies while at the same time gaining a better understanding and reintroducing some of the top classic and traditional games to young people.

The convention will also be introducing a theme called 'Save the World, Save the Environment' in its Cosplay Competition where participants will perform a skit related to the character and series they are cosplaying as while at the same time carrying the message of the theme in their own creative way.

This, Lee said, will create awareness as well as promote a positive message among the youths.

Another attraction would be a youth entrepreneur marketplace where youths age between 13 and 25 could sell their own creative products related to hobby, arts, toys and games.

Other new activities include the Win, Lose or Draw in 'Draw Something' competition, Kids Colouring Competition, Random Anime Quiz, Console games competition, Wasabi Sushi Eating competition and the new Amazing HobbyCon Race.

For more information, the organising committee can be contacted at contact@hobbycon.my or through their website at www.hobbycon.my.

Article taken from Daily Express


ok... I think that kinda settle up the introduction to HobbyCon... and this year mark the first time I went to HobbyCon... initially, i wanted to attend in 2011, unfortunately, due to work commitment, i couldn't get a leave and go there... so this year, I made early planning to fit HobbyCon into my leave schedule...

On day 1, I decided to wear my Nurse Joker outfit and we went to the venue at 11 plus... and upon entering the venue, I already got photo taking request... lol, suddenly i feel like a celebrity again... lolol... but other than that, my initial reaction upon entering was a bit down, coz I was like asking to myself where are the cosplayers??? yeah, at that time, I couldn't see a lot of cosplayers... but finally, more did showed up after 12 and in the end, I end up missing quite a lot of cosplayers as they were kinda too many and also it was kinda crowded there, so it's kinda hard for me to take a nice photos of them... and on Day 2, I didn't cosplay coz I wanted to take as many photos as possible... but I still end up missing lots of cosplayers... orz

But anyway, I won't be posting photos of the cosplayers here... I'll post it up on a different post after I finish cleaning up the photos (well, mostly Nio will do most of the cleaning up... lol)...

As for the booths, it wasn't that bad, but my only gripe was I wish they got more HobbyCon related merchandise selling other than just the T-Shirt and badge... So in the end, I didn't get much stuffs there except for the t-shirt...

And for the stage performance, I didn't manage to watch all the performance as I was busy loitering around the venue and taking photos, but on some of the performance that I did manage to watch was quite good, especially the dance performance which was soooooo energetic! Here, have a look...

Then there are also Cosplay competition which was divided into Solo, which was held on Day 1, and Group which was held on Day 2... I was kinda disappointed with the Group category coz only 3 groups sign-up to compete, I kinda expected more to join, and truthfully, I kinda enjoy the Solo category more than the Group Category...

anyway... enough with me blabbering... here, enjoy some photos... XD

the mascot of HobbyCon

Gunpla... not as many as the con in Miri, but at least it is more presentable...

Slenderman... he was almost everywhere...

Overall, it was a satisfying experience, manage to add more friends, manage to cosplay oversea for the first time, experiencing a different kind of con... so yeah, for next edition of HobbyCon, I will certainly love to come again... if you want to view more pics of HobbyCon, here are some of the list...

And finally here is the video montage of HobbyCon 2012... cheers!!! ^^v

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