Friday, 3 February 2012

Cosplayers @ FAB February Tweet-Up 2012

It all started when I meet Delwin / / BruneiTweet during the Business School Business Project Carnival last week, where he invited us to come at the FAB February Tweet-Up which was being held on 02nd Feb 2012 at Each-a-Cup Airport Mall.

If you're wondering what this Tweet-Up event is all about, it is an event where people from the social network meet up in person, or you can say it is a casual catch up with friends and people we connect with from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, etc. So yeah, in case you're wondering what this have to do with cosplay, well, this is one of the chance to promote about cosplay in Brunei and at the same time, to add more colour to the event... :)

Initially, I only expected less than 10 cosplayers would attend the event as most of them had transport problem or other plan... but to my surprised, more than 10 actually came, so it was a good turnout... :)

Anyway, since I'm concentrating more at the cosplayers side, I didn't take photos of other social network users... eheh... sorry... ^^v

More photos can be viewed at my Facebook album HERE, or at Amar Faiq or Izumi Fcf... however, depending on their privacy setting, some might not be able to view them. For something other than cosplayer, you can read blog post by Rated E! and AnakBrunei.

And for upcoming costume event, this 11th February, Brunei's 501st Legion will be making an appearance along with a few Star Wars cosplayers & lightsaber owners at The Mall Cineplex Gadong, for more info click HERE.

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