Monday, 30 January 2012

Cosplayers @ The Business School Business Project Carnival

THE Business Project Carnival held at the Business School in Gadong ended on a high note yesterday as crowds continued to arrive mere hours before the closing of the two-day event.

One of the main highlights included a special appearance by 30 Bruneians dressed in costumes depicting various characters from anime, video games and movies.

Known as 'cosplayers', the group, lead by its member codenamed "Jdee", were invited by Pg Walli Pg Hj Alli, the event's public relations officer, to enliven and add entertainment value to the carnival.

"It helped attract more people to come to our event, because the public usually like to take pictures with these cosplayers. They are often fascinated by the costumes," said Pg Walli in an interview with The Brunei Times.

Taken from The Brunei Times.

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