Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How to cosplay guide/tip

There are tonnes of article available out there if you google it, but for the ease of browsing, I provide you some of the link that are easy to understand and basically cover most part of it... So here are some article on a beginner guide to cosplaying... and if you found more useful article about cosplaying, do post the link at the comment area... cheers! ^^v

Beginner Guide to cosplay

How To Pick Your Next Cosplay

How To Cosplay

An Anime Cosplay Guide

How to be a happy cosplayer

The art of cosplay is not the art of getting hit on

Cosplay & Craft Tutorials

What is a good brand of body paint?

Wig Care & Make-up Tips Page

How To Wash A Cosplay Wig

Guide to Posing and Convention Etiquette for photographers & visitors

No matter how huge are your goals, please treasure your health!

Cosplay Crimes and how to avoid committing them

Basic Photo Troubleshoot

The Wrong Side

Still asking ppl on what look good on you? then shut up and read this!

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