Thursday, 14 January 2010

Falconeyes Flash Gun Accessories Kit Review

Continuing from my last test of the Falconeyes Flash Gun Accessories Kit, I managed to persuade my lil bro to be my guinea-pig... eheh...

Equipment used: Canon EOS 7D + Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM + Canon Speedlite 580EX II, zoomed @ 70mm, Shutter - 1/60, Aperture - f8.0, ISO - 200, temperature - 5300k, flash set to ETTL, flash placed on camera, distance between camera & subject is around 6 - 7 feet...

Flash Only (FEC 0)

Beauty Dish (FEC +3)

Globe-Diffusor (FEC +3)

Honey Comb (FEC 0)

Conical Snoot (FEC 0)

Softbox (FEC +2)

and here are the result of shots taken with the flash is placed off camera, roughly 45 degree from subject, distance between flash and subject are around 3 - 4 feet (which explain some of the hotspot/highlight on his face... it was a small room, so i was unable to get a longer distance...)

Flash Only (FEC 0)

Beauty Dish (FEC 0)

a candid shot using the beauty dish with the flash placed on camera...

Globe-Diffusor (FEC 0)

Honey Comb (FEC 0)

Conical Snoot (FEC 0)

another shot using conical snoot at a different angle...

Softbox (FEC 0)

the softbox also provide different colour...


Dark Blue



Light Blue


just for fun/comparison... i took this shot using the diffuser which you can normally find in a 5-in-1 reflector set...

and that conclude my test on the Falconeyes Flash Gun Accessories Kit... personally, I haven't have any experience with a proper studio lighting yet, so I don't really know how my shots would stand out against a proper studio lighting... but based on this test alone, i can say that it does give me option to play with lighting and can try to achieve different style... however, in the case of off-camera setting, the result wasn't really that good (but then again, it might be my setting that is wrong)... this weakness can be seen when comparing to the last picture which i took using a diffuser from a 5-in-1 reflector kit... so i still can't really give a thumbs up to this equipment, but at the same time, i won't say that this is a trash either...

with the price of this equipment listed at BND288 @ QQeStore, i can't really say it's a bargain, but if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, it might be a bargain considering you can get 6 different equipment that can produce 6 or more different lighting style... in the hand of a creative photographer, i'm pretty sure they can achieve/make a superb lighting using this equipment... so overall, more test is needed whether to see whether i'm gonna really like it or not... i still need to see how it will perform during an outdoor shooting... so the bottomline is if the price was cheaper, than i say can this can be a good cheap option for amateurs should they don't do DIY...

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