Friday, 12 February 2010

BIBD's Financial Planning Workshop for 125 teachers

About 125 teachers from Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School in Kg Salambigar gained insights yesterday from the Financial Planning Workshop by Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD).

The programme was presented by Chartered Financial Consultant, Nurul Jafriah Abdullah, and another presentation on BIBD's home financing was given by the Personal Banking and Sales Manager, Pg Md Caesar Perkasa Putera Pg Hj Md Don.

What is Financial Planning? Generally, it is planning for our future, she said, adding that it helps one achieve goals and objectives in life. She also touched on how to accumulate and protect wealth, as well as securing financial independence. "Be prepared and feel secure," she said, adding that things could happen even if we are rich - so life is useless without proper planning.

She said schools are one of the first avenues where kids' behaviours and future educational successes are shaped and teachers, being in this multifaceted profession, have had their roles continuously redefined.

Being in a highly influential role, teachers could help the future generation to get smart about money. They can achieve this by helping the students prepare for important milestones and by being good financial role models to students, their own children as well as the wider community.

She also said there must be a monumental paradigm shift in the way we view the importance of planning. BIBD aims to promote this new paradigm by teaching, informing and providing solutions with simple explanations.

Financial planning means preparing for your future by making informed money management decisions in the present. There are many tools available that will help a person to achieve the security he or she desires.

However, none are as important as simply taking a steady and committed approach to funding your long-term goals. She said the importance of financial planning in our lives is more evident nowadays, and that is one of the reasons why BIBD is giving out financial planning talks to various target audiences.

The talk was a fundamental aide for teachers to provide them some guidance in developing their financial goals, as well as in managing their incomes more efficiently through strategic budgeting.

It was also aimed to help them plan for their retirement, as well as their other life's milestones, such as raising a family, getting their dream home, planning for their children's education, on top of helping them to build their wealth over time. For more information on financial planning, contact Nurul Jafriah at BIBD by calling 2239154.

Article taken from Borneo Bulletin Online.

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