Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Windows 7 Beta in-depth Review by Arstechnica

The first Windows 7 beta reviews have been pretty positive; possibly too positive. Now Ars Technica published an in-depth review of Windows 7 and their verdict at the end has some statements in there that say differently.

Quote from the review: "Let's just cut to the chase here: Windows 7 is built on top of Windows Vista. It doesn't roll back the major changes that Vista made; it doesn't reduce system requirements (for example, it still needs Direct3D graphics and 1 GB RAM to be worthwhile), it doesn't undo security decisions like UAC, and, except for specific scenarios like booting, it doesn't really perform significantly better. However, Windows 7 shouldn't make anything any worse."

Read the full in-depth Windows 7 review on Arstechnica.

On other major problem is currently the IE8. Apparently it is so unstable that it is not usable. There is still a lot of work for Microsoft to get Windows 7 out the door and it is still uncertain if this will happen already this summer.

Microsoft removed the 2.5m Windows 7 beta key restriction and you can download Windows 7 beta 1 still for yourself until January 24th.

In case you need instructions on how to install and test Windows 7 beta, Gizmodo published an easy guide.

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