Thursday, 29 November 2012

Movember Tweet Up 2012

A large crowd of some 100 supporters attended a "Movember Tweet Up" yesterday in raising awareness about men's health issues in Brunei such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression among other things that have been affecting millions of men across the globe. The event was co-organised by Movember BN, BruneiTweet and KFC Brunei at the KFC Gadong Central branch in Menglait.

"Movember" is a combination of the words "Mustache" and "November", which is an expanding worldwide campaign involving the growing of mustaches through the month of November which has become the symbol of Movember.

"In February 2012, I was involved in organising the first official tweet-up at the Airport Mall which saw over a hundred people from the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram online communities in Brunei gather for a casual catch up. The general feedback received was that it was great meeting people who we connect with online for the first time in person," noted Delwin Keasberry, better known as BruneiTweet on Twitter, one of the organisers of the Movember Tweet Up.

Moreover, Delwin explained that the idea behind the Movember Tweet Up was to engage the local community in fun and social ways to raise awareness about men's health. Participants who attended the Movember Tweet Up were given a mustache-on-a-stick with "Man Up, Get Checked" written on it as a reminder to take matters of health seriously.

Publicity for the event was broadcasted primarily via social media and it was heartening to see this exercise create discussions about men's health online in the lead up to Movember Tweet Up.

The founder of Movember BN, Zul-Fadly Osman, said that Movember was founded last year with the hope of promoting men's health issues in general which later created hype with the help of social media. The idea of Movember is using the mustache for men like how the pink ribbon is used for breast cancer, which originated from Adelaide and is now an international worldwide movement.

In addition, Del Goh, the General Manager of KFC Brunei, highlighted that KFC supports this campaign because of the awareness it brings. He strongly believes in a balanced lifestyle - one that enables us to indulge in the things that we love but also to be aware of the importance of healthy living.

The event was open to everyone - young and old, women and men from the general public, who all received a free Krusher drink, sponsored by KFC Brunei. It was supported by B:Read, Muzikaliti, BT Youth Speak, SCOT Brunei, UBDFM, Instagram B.I.G. Series, Counter Attack, Brunei Cosplayers, Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council and more. The organisers would like to thank all supporting organisations and everyone who attended the Movember Tweet Up.

Article taken from Borneo Bulletin


On behalf of Brunei Cosplayers, we would like to thank BruneiTweet for the invitation and also to show our support toward the Movember.

And from my part, I was a bit worry coz when I invite other cosplayers to join, only 9 people said they will be joining... but during the event, I was surprised to see a lot more people showed up, though just a few did dress up, nevertheless, I feel thankful that you guys can come over and support the event... cheers mate!

owh... and sorry if most of the pics are just pictures of my mates... eheh... didn't really get to really mingle around and took photos of the other attendees... eheh... ^^v

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