Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Costume Photo Shoot

Presenting my first modeling photo shoot... sorry if the sets aren't stunning... i'm still learning... :)

The first model

The second model

More photos are available at my facebook album HERE and HERE.

Thank you to Jumat of Media Creative and Maman for giving some tips for the photo session, Natasha and Natsuki for being a stunning model, Hadi for the superb makeup, Paris for tagging along... owh, and not to forget Kiro for being a very helpful last minute/forced assistant throughout the photo session... cheers guy... :)

First model dress are owned by herself while second model costume and all accessories are rented from Angel & Demon Lolita Closet.


VM said...

the second model looks more photogenic n thus make the picture prettier. for me i guess with the second model u got a little warm up already and ur pictures looks good.

ps- where the hell did they get those costumes hehehe....and whats the theme actually

ScarySoul said...

thanx... actually me & the second model was our first time doing the photo shoot... so we got lots of help compared to the first model... so maybe thats why second model look better than the first one...

as for theme, initially we wanted to do a gothic-lolita theme, than sudden;y got last minute changes and end up with first model become gothic model and second model become lolita model... eheh...

as for the costume, its from Angel & Demon Closet... i'll post their FB here... :)

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