Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Avengers Movie Panel @ NYCC 2011

Highlights from the Q&A session:
  • After the events of Thor, Hiddleston said of his character, “Loki is not a happy man and is confused in his place in the universe.”
  • Evans enjoys scenes where he gets to wear normal clothes because he has to plan his bathroom breaks in the Captain America suit. Hiddleston commiserated since he was either leather bound or wearing something heavy and metallic.
  • Ruffalo is going back to Bill Bixby for his Bruce Banner influence but he’s also incorporating stuff he learned from watching Eric Bana and Ed Norton. He also joked with Norton who he’s friends with, saying that Banner will be this generation’s Hamlet where everyone gets to play him.
  • Panelists were asked who their favorite Avenger or superhero was. Ruffalo chose Black Widow and Maria Hill. Clark Gregg named Jim Starlin’s Warlock as his favorite superhero. Hiddleston said Thor, but also liked the body he comes back in as Sif?! In the comics Loki has come back in different forms and it appears he’ll return or appear as Sif.
  • Hiddleston said that Loki has to adapt in order to fight each of the heroes–Could this mean that Loki can learn the others’ powers or does he get in the motion capture suit as well?
  • Kevin Feige is in pre-production talks for Iron Man 3 with Shane Black. It is Phase 2 of the Avengers Initiative and will lead into an Avengers sequel. Feige also confirmed a post-credits scene at the end of Avengers.
  • Feige said The Guardians of the Galaxy will be in their own movie and they won’t be introduced in any of the other movies.
Goofy moments at the panel:
  • The crowd prompted Clark Gregg to perform an Avengers theme song he wrote and sang it for the crowd but told the crowd to imagine Trent Reznor performing it.
  • Hiddleston recalled a fond memory of drama school where his classmates said he looked like Gene Wilder (he does actually) so he sang some music from Willy Wonka, which again melted the hearts of the ladies in the crowd. Clark Gregg then asked Hiddleston to sing his Avengers theme.
  • The cast reminisces of an impromptu post-shoot gathering in Albuquerque where Evans texted, “Avengers Assemble”. It’s a night that no one has recovered. There was a lot of dancing that evening that everyone took part in except for Evans and Hemsworth who were discussing each other’s physique.

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