Saturday, 16 July 2011

EA Con Day One - Short Review

Day one of EA Con have just been concluded, and all I can say is it is better than expected. It was awesome to see the big turnout, especially the cosplayers, and its nice to see lots of new faces... and contrary to what a "concerned parent" wrote at today's Borneo Bulletin Opinion Page, all cosplayers were well behaved and didn't dress up "outrageously"... whatever s/he mean by that...

Apart from the cosplayers, there were also some yoyo performance & wushu performance that took place at the event. Drawing competition for the junior level were held today too where the announcement of the winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. And not forgetting, there were lots of gaming tournament held using PC, PS3 & XBox.

Anyway, I took lots of pics during the event, unfortunately, I'm feeling sooo tired, so you won't be seeing the pics anytime soon... so enjoy the only pics and a short clip I attached below... cheers... ^^v

For the schedule of tomorrow event, you can refer to HERE. PS: Cosplay Competition starts at 1pm... :)

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