Saturday, 2 April 2011

SAVE the environment with LANEIGE Recycle Campaign

For decades now we’ve been producing toxic waste and dumping them into the environment without realizing the damage it is causing to all living beings around us. The main culprit of toxic and massive pollution comes from the production of our day-to-day products like plastic bottles and the disposal of our daily waste. If we do not plan our daily mechanisms properly and processes now to minimize the harm we do to the environment, it will be too late and all future generations will be affected by the inconsiderate practices of the current and previous generations.

At the same time, we may notice that our skin easily darkened & dulled with uneven skin tone like yellowish. Our skin is defenselessly exposed harsh external elements from environmental changes, daily dose of UV rays and urban stress, all of this happened without our realization. After years by years, blotches like brown spots, freckles, and acnes seems appear more on our face. Also, most symptoms first appear around the most delicate part of our face called Apple zone which is 5 times thinner than rest of our skin. The Apple zone covers the eyebrows to 1cm under the cheekbones. It is very sensitive area that easily occur inflammation and melanin formation.

LANEIGE Recycle Campaign courage the public to save our planet start from RECYCLE glass bottles of their daily skincare regime. Why should glass bottle be recycled? Recycling one glass bottle saves the same energy as burning one 100-watt light bulb for nearly an hour! Glass is made from natural resources like sand, soda and lime. Therefore, a good reason to save the natural resources, to reduce energy usage to produce new glass products from recycled glass than from raw materials.

During this recycling campaign, the 1st 100 guests to recycle their skincare bottles (any brand) at any LANEIGE branch will be rewarded with LANEIGE latest WHITE PLUS RENEW COMPLEX™ mini trial sets from 2 APR to 5 APR 2011. How to join this campaign and get this FREE mini set? Simply bring any 2 of your own current skincare bottles (empty, any brand) for this mini trial set at any LANEIGE, Brunei branches., with your IC no. and it is limit to one person one set only. A detailed skin evaluation will be done with steps to use for each guest.

LANEIGE’s unique WHITE PLUE RENEW COMPLEX™, an all day whitening skincare system to protect and prevent damages from external factors and promote clarity skin tone with restores elasticity. From its famous 3-steps melanin blocking technology, it can control & protection of melanin creation, blocking melanin bridge and prevent secondary pigmentation. LANEIGE developed its patented plant ingredients like Manassantin B which effectively brightens dull skin tone and block melanin formation, and ү-PGA which is a natural moisturizing factor derived from fermented yellow beans to help replenish deprived water and removing skin impurities. For those who participated this recycle campaign will stand a chance to WIN LANEIGE next latest product - LANEIGE BRIGHTENING SUN POWDER SPF50+/PA+++, strong sun protection in “powder” form with excellent oil control and LANEIGE SNOW BB Balm, a great of option for using BB items with patented skin refreshing cooling effect.

Every one of us play an important role to save the environment, protecting this precious world, and making it less toxic and more inhabitable. If we do not conserve our resources, in time to come, there would be none left for our future generations, and they would have to pay the hefty price for the damage we did to the environment.

All efforts count, even at an individual level, we should start today and practice into our everyday lives so that it becomes a norm rather than an option.

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