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Maid Cafe in Malaysia and Singapore

Manila finally have their very own Maid Cafe which was opened last month. So I wonder if Malaysia & Singapore have their very own Maid Cafe too. By doing a quick search and googled for "Malaysia Maid Cafe" & "Singapore Maid Cafe", and here are the results:

Maid Cafe in Malaysia
Kirameki Maid & Cosplay Cafe is the first maid-themed cafe to open in East Malaysia. Opened in September 2010, they provide the master-maid treatment which you can expect like how a Maid Cafe is supposed to be. You can read a review of the cafe HERE. Kirameki Cafe also have their very own Blog, Youtube & Facebook Fan Page.

And here a video of their Maids dancing love circulation during the official opening of the cafe.

KissA Koyotei Cafe claimed to be the first Maid Cafe to open in Malaysia, however, they are just Maid Cafe in term of uniform only, so don't expect to get the master-maid treatment here. They also their very own website, but unfortunately, it look dull. But you can check a review about them HERE which look much better than their homepage.

Little Pantry opened in December 2010. With their interior and outfit tailored to look like an authentic Maid Cafe. Again, like KissA Koyotei, that is their only resemblance to a Maid Cafe. Little Pantry only got their Facebook Fan Page to showoff right now. Other than that, you can check their review HERE.

Maid Cafe opened in November 2010. Other than their Facebook Fan Page, not much info can be found about this cafe.

Moe De Cafe opened in 2009. Considered as the first cafe in Malaysia to combine put an anime + manga concept in a cafe. They even have a large library of comics which you can borrow and read in the cafe. Their waitresses wear Maid outfit too but unfortunately, you won't be getting the master-maid treatment here. Moe De Cafe also have their own Facebook Fan Page. And you can read their review HERE and more pictures HERE.

Snowy Healthy Dessert Home have been around since 2008. Not quite sure if they have been wearing Maid uniform since their opening or not, but yeah, Maid uniform but no master-maid treatment. With no website or Fan Page to share, I can only find this one post from a blogger which was posted about 2 years ago. Anyway, you can find Snowy Healthy Dessert Home at F1.AV.113, First Floor, Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tenshi no Cafe opened in January 2011. Considered as the first full-fledge Maid Cafe in Malaysia (yeah, I also thought that Kirameki is the first one to be considered a real Maid cafe), here you can expect the treatment & atmosphere like the one you would normally find in Akihabara, Japan. Unfortunately, just after two days of operation, they temporary close down due to the overwhelming response (or too many customers feeling disappointed?), so they need to readjust their overall structure (kitchen, staffs & etc) in order to improve their service. But they are expecting to reopen again on 01st March 2011. They have their own blog, but not much can be read there. But HERE is a post by someone who managed to dine there.

Here is a video taken during the first day of opening of Teshin no Cafe.

Singapore Maid Cafe
Cosafe Maid Bar & Restaurant opened in 2006 after the owner returned from Japan where they happened to patron a maid cafe there. Upon returning to Singapore, they set up this cafe hoping that they can promote cosplay in Singapore. Just unfortunate that they didn't bring back the master-maid treatment too. You can read more info of Cosafe at their website and also Facebook Fan Page. While you can read their review HERE.

Here are two videos about Cosafe.

Cawaii Koohii Maid Cafe opened in September 2010. Other than the Maid uniform, I'm not quite sure how the service is since not much info can be found in the Net. You can check their site HERE, though it say they have a Facebook Fan Page, unfortunately, it is no longer exist. And you can check a post of Cawaii Koohii by one of their waitress HERE.

Took this logo from their Facebook page, but according to the comment, this is actually the old logo. But since I can't find their new logo, I'll just use this instead. So introducing Akibanana (A87). According to their official website, in 2008, they started off as a community site. Then in January 2010, they open up their own cafe located at Tanjong Pagar Road, which unfortunately, within one year, they decided to become a mobile cafe instead. Don't know why they change to mobile cafe, but I'm pretty sure that most non-singaporean will hope that Akibanana can open up their own cafe again.

Anyway, here are two blog post (Banzai Effect & zh3us) from those who managed to visit Akibanana. And looking at their review, how I wished I managed to visit Akibanana too before they go on a hiatus... >_<

PS: They also have their own Youtube channel... but their latest upload dated 30th December 2010... =.='

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe was operational during Anime Festival Asia, replicating how a meido cafe is supposed to be operated. Seeing how active their Facebook Fan Page is, I'm not quite sure whether they have their own cafe or not, or if they are operational outside the AFA.

Moe Moe Kyun at Anime Festival Asia 2009

Moe Moe Kyun at Anime Festival Asia 2010

So, that is all the Maid Cafe I can find thru my brief googling. I don't know whether that cover every Maid Cafe available in Malaysia & Singapore, if I do miss out any Cafe, do inform me by leaving a comment, and I would also like to know the availability of Maid Cafe at other ASEAN countries too, so a little help will be high appreciated... :)

So what about Brunei? When will we be going to get our very own Maid Cafe? Recently I had a Maid-themed photo shoot (HERE, HERE & HERE) at my friend's cafe, I asked her if she would consider her staffs to wear maid uniform, unfortunately, she's not into it, LoL...

Anyway, to any Brunei cosplayers, don't you guy want to open a Maid Cafe of your own? Mind you, Cosafe was opened by a 16 years old cosplayer! I'm pretty sure there is a lot of otakus that would love to go to a Maid Cafe. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the non-otakus will want to go there, and if you're afraid being harrassed, you could use the rules in the picture below.

If you're too lazy to read, then just watch this video:

So for now, to all Bruneian otakus, Kirameki Cafe at KK will be the nearest option for you to visit a Maid Cafe... Cheers...

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