Thursday, 17 December 2009

H20 Audio Launches Capture Waterproof iPod Case

The ocean is fun and all, but without a soundtrack it quickly gets boring. If you've ever wanted to bring your iPod with you while snorkeling you are apparently not the first or only one. H20 Audio has just announced the launch of a new waterproof case for the iPod nano. The Capture waterproof case was built to fit the 5th generation Nano.

It has a polished polycarbonate lens that allows you to use your camera underwater, while still keeping the whole device covered and protected. The case's "Commander" scroll wheel gives you control over your device, while the polycarbonate frame keeps it protected from up to 12ft of water. The Capture also comes with a sport armband and removable belt clip. It has a 1 year warranty.

If the Capture sounds like something you need, you'll be able to BUY IT for USD79.99. You might want to grab a pair of H20 waterproof earbuds while you're at it. A waterproof iPod isn't much good without waterproof headphones.

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